TC Electronic PolyTune Guitar Tuner Review

Guitar players are used to tune one string at a time for decades. What if you can tune your guitar all 6 or 7 strings of it all at the same time? Perform it with the TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner. Isn't that the fastest and the most convenient way to tune your instrument?

TC Electronic PolyTune Guitar Tuner

Now you are able to tune your guitar by strumming all strings simultaneously, instead of playing strings one by one...unbelievable?...with this guitar tuner, now it is possible. You just have to try the TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner do all that easily, accurately, quickly and painless.

TC Electronic PolyTune Guitar Tuner

Tuner Case

When all the other tuners are housed in a pitch black case, TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner comes all white and clean. Nothing else can be simpler than an electronic guitar tuner like this. It has one input and output jack, the LCD, and the True Bypass knob at the middle. That's all of it and nothing seems spectacular until you play using it.

LED Display

TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner LED cool display tells you how accurate you were to the tune you would like to play. You may switch the display to a single string tuning mode where the dots showing on the screen correspond to one of them alone. If you prefer the more popular multiple string output mode, you'll realize immediately which of the four, five, six, or seven strings of your guitar needs to be tuned. The electronic guitar tuner has a set of backlight that detects the lighting conditions around you. Use this guitar tuner under the harsh sun or in a dimly lit room and without making any adjust or squint to see the tuning accurately.


Many guitarists thought that the concept of a PolyTune Poly-Chromatic Tuner was impossible until this device hit the market. The selling point of TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner is its innovative technology.

You don't need to find which string is out of tune in your guitar...just strum all of them and the tuner will tell you exactly which one is off.

Tuning Modes

Tune your bass or regular guitar with absolute precision with TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner. If you're the person who thinks tuning is a waste of life but an important task that needed to be done anyway, this electronic guitar tuner should be for you. No other guitar tuner can put your instrument in perfect musicality in as fast as three steps. Strum all strings, tune up, and you're ready to play. The two tuning modes of this the machine are the Chromatic Tuning and the Stream Modes. They definitely make tuning a lot easier.


TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner is indeed full packed with features that are undoubtedly the first in pedal tuning. The PolyTune technology of the device works precisely even with distortions or other guitars playing in the background. In fact you could tune it with anyone and with any instrument, wherever, whenever.

Tuner Price

At $99.99, this amazing electronic guitar tuner is like a heaven-sent for guitar heroes who detest tuning but loved playing.

Overall Rating
With the TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner new knowledge and high accuracy were combined, you never have to worry about guitar tuning ever again. At this point, you might tune before, during, and after your gig within seconds. With TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner, It won't take minutes anymore.

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