Snark Chromatic Guitar Tuner Review

The inspired and ground-breaking Snark Chromatic guitar tuner is not like any conventional tuner you already know...because with this one guitar tuning becomes fun, exciting and exact. This Snark guitar tuner can give you accuracy, precision, and confidence right off the bat. It starts up fast and is fairly simple to use.

Snark Chromatic Guitar Tuner

When musicians feel that instruments tuning is one necessary evil, the Snark Chromatic guitar tuner puts a little extra electricity in that rather tedious task. And it does it through its funky and cool fashion and hues. This guitar tuner doesn't need cables or any other extras, just clip it in and start tuning.

Snark Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Clip-On Tuner

The body construction of Snark Chromatic guitar tuner has an out of the ordinary appearance. The shape is rounded and blue or red, in contrast to the usual box-shaped and pitch-black offerings of all the others. The Snark electronic guitar tuner should be considered as small as it would stand easily on the headstock of any guitar. You might even think it is a must-have appendage for your instrument. Every musician should have it!

Tuner Display

The LCD display of the Snark Chromatic guitar tuner is colorful as well. You'll immediately see if notes are too flat or too sharp with the sleek meter design that is color-coded for your convenience. Red means, "your guitar needs some tuning".


Snark Chromatic guitar tuner was specifically tailored for guitars and basses alike. You would be able to effortlessly and conveniently tune your instrument in the correct approach. Attach the electronic guitar tuner to the headstock of your acoustic or electric guitar and you're tuning.

Tuning Features

Aside from its electric, full-color LCD monitoring, Snark Chromatic guitar tuner can also be rotated 360 degrees once clipped on.

Its Stay Put Clip assures you that the machine is always well in place while you adjust the head for easy viewing in any situation. It comes with a CR2032 battery installed, the same heavy duty one that is used on the clocks of personal computers. With that said, Snark Chromatic guitar tuner can assure you of a long battery life span.

Tuning Technology

The pitch calibration range of Snark Chromatic guitar tuner is found between 415 Hertz to 466 Hertz. This guitar tuning unit is equipped with a high sensitivity vibration sensor which allows you to tune with accuracy and precision. It has the Tap Tempo Metronome and Transpose Feature as well. This electronic guitar tuner was created in such a way that it runs a self-test on its own to be sure it works as perfectly as it should.

Tuner Price

No matter how frugal a musician you are, you will find the urgency to buy an electronic guitar tuner like this because its functionality, cheap price and accuracy. Snark Chromatic guitar tuner price is $13.19 on most stores, now you can practically enjoy tuning and playing a well-tuned guitar anywhere.

Overall Rating
Its flawless performance is ideal for the professional guitarist that you want to be. The device is available in blue and red shades, which is different from the regular sleek black tuners. Snark Chromatic guitar tuner definitely adds fun into your tuning tasks and makes playing guitar more thrilling. It's the perfect system to make your guitar and your stage act look fabulous.

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