Sabine Zoid Guitar Tuner Review

The exceptionally versatile Sabine Zoid guitar tuner was created for all those musicians who want a really small chromatic electronic guitar tuner that can give them full tuning accuracy...if that's your case, check this incredibly affordable tuning machine before buy - it may just be the one that suits your needs best.

Sabine Zoid Guitar Tuner

This cool electronic guitar tuner conveniently tunes your guitar in the perfect way that you wish it. Thanks to its wide note range of 7 entire octaves and a light weight, the Sabine Zoid guitar tuner can also be easily attached for tuning a large amount of stringed instruments...others than guitars or basses.

Sabine Zoid Guitar Tuner
Little Body

Small and slim this could be a great description of the Sabine Zoid guitar tuner. Simply attach it to the headstock of a guitar and it would proceed to help you tuning it perfectly. This tiny guitar tuner weights 2.4 ounces and is no broader than an acoustic guitar headstock.


With a bright and large tuning display of Sabine Zoid guitar tuner the output pitches of your strings are easier to read. It has a couple of backlights and uses a needle to indicate how far off you are from the exact note. The green backlight of the guitar tuner indicates that your string is already tuned. Red tells you that you're off-tune. The pitch is sharp if the needle is up and flat if it is down.

Tuning Types

Sabine Zoid guitar tuner follows two tuning modes and can perform within a seven-octave tuning range. While it's ideally attached on a guitar, it practically works on all kinds of stringed instrument. The two working modes programmed on this guitar tuner are Clip and Mic. The clip mode perceives the notes via the device's clip while the mic mode senses the notes via its built-in microphone.

Tune Tech

The accuracy level of Sabine Zoid guitar tuner is at +/- 50 cents, a good enough figure for a clip-on electronic guitar tuner. It was equipped with an automatic note sensing technology that detects the vibrations of the strings generated when plucked...clip it on and it'll tune the pitch in play automatically. The unit is very easy to operate and comes quite handy too.


This electronic guitar tuner was designed with a 3-minute auto shutdown feature that conserves battery when not in use or when it doesn't receive any signal. The device is offered along with a 2-year warranty plan, protecting the tuner from any manufacturing defects. Its impressive seven-octave tuning capacity is what makes it useable for all other strings instruments.

Tuner Price

Sabine Zoid guitar tuner is priced at $29.96 and it will surely provide you value for your a rather fantastic purchase as it can be used fot tuning across many stringed instruments and not only for your loyal old guitar. Basses, violins, and harpsichords are pretty much handled well by this tuner.

Overall Rating
To satisfy the meticulous musician in you, better settle for the Sabine Zoid guitar tuner. Go ahead and get one for all of your stringed instrument as well. While it might be transferred from one instrument to another, getting one dedicated for your guitar, violin, or bass should be an ideal setting to maximize the performance of Sabine Zoid guitar tuner.

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