Sabine STX1100 Guitar Tuner Review

Try the uncomplicated Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner, it was conceived for musicians who are looking to completely automate the tuning process of all their instruments...they are are highly encouraged to check this electronic guitar tuner as closely as they can before purchasing anything

Sabine STX1100 Guitar Tuner

It has everything that you want to obtain from a high performance electronic guitar an incredibly affordable price tag that would make you smile. The trouble-free Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner is rather simple to employ...and operates blazingly fast, making it ideal for all of your instruments tuning needs.

Sabine STX1100 Guitar Tuner
Durable Case

Housed in a sturdy die-cast body, Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner might be the ultimate gadget for every musician. It weighs around 6.4 ounces and is your perfect desktop guitar tuner to buy. Bodywise, this machine will absolutely suit all your durability requirements.

Tuning Metering

The Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner doesn't have an LCD display but it's fully equipped with LED indicators to show whether or not you're playing in the correct tune. There are lights for each pitch you are trying to play and three other LED's that would light up to indicate whether your guitar is flat, sharp, or just in tune.

Chromatic Tuning

Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner is a chromatic model that detects your pitch as you strum it. Here's an electronic guitar tuner which is loaded with a tone generator you can tune your guitar by ear if you wish. The transpose function of the device, on the other hand, shows the note in any key. This attribute is just the thing for orchestra and band players.


Its beauty lies on the fact that can be calibrated without difficulty. Manual or automatic, use this guitar tuner exactly for the purpose you need it for. It works fast and can sense notes automatically, which means it can practically work right off the box. Musicians would find this tool as a an essential tool for sounding like a professional.

Tuning Features

Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner has the usual 1/4 inch jacks to plug in instruments and another set for output purposes. This electronic guitar tuner also comes with a built-in microphone for the ease of tuning. Along with the whole package is its two-year warranty plan, the feature that protects it from any manufacturing defects.


You wouldn't believe that all of these cool guitar tuning abilities are offered at only $29.99. Although still slightly more expensive than other brands and models, the fixed design of the Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner should be great for music rooms and concert halls. It certainly is one good buy for all serious musicians.

Overall Rating
Musicians that don't expect so much in terms of digital display would certainly realize that Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner is the simplest tuning device. With the absence of knobs and confusing settings, this automatic note-sensing unit makes guitar tuning faster and easier than it is now. Compare this Sabine STX1100 guitar tuner with the latest tuning products released in the market and you'll surely see the difference.

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