Planet Waves PWCT09 Guitar Tuner Review

Musicians who want a versatile guitar tuner - without having to succumb to a very high priced tag - are encouraged to try the Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner, an incredibly cheap tuning machine considering that is an electronic guitar tuner that helps you to create cool music whenever you desire.

Planet Waves PWCT09 Guitar Tuner

This practical and portable guitar tuner would be able to serve as your exclusive tuning device for all of your musical instruments - believe it or not, here's the ultra adaptable Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner which was prepared to deal with guitars to woodwinds and even brass instruments at your wish.

Planet Waves PWCT09 Guitar Tuner
Tiny Box

At 3.2 ounces - a very low weight - this electronic guitar tuner may be the sleekest, smallest, and most compact tuning tool from Plant Waves. It has an easy-to-grab ideal companion of every musician who is always on the go. Small and square, it's one guitar tuner that would perfect fit into your pockets, thus giving you a full assurance of taking professional and true musicality anywhere you maybe.

Digital Display

Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner is equipped with an LCD display to indicate whether you are in tune or not...its three LEDs at the top of its screen light up according to your pitch. If you're flat, a red bright light on the left turns on. When notes are sharp, the red light on right is lit. If you're on pitch, the green on the middle lights up...and this is good news. The electronic guitar tuner dual monitoring mode makes it easier to know whether you're tuned or not - sometimes there's a subtle difference - no matter what your current playing environment is.

Tuning Modes

The Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner follows two modes of operation auto tuning and manual tuning. Auto tuning is facilitated by the device's built-in microphone so you might simply strum the string of the guitar to tune it accordingly. For the manual tuning mode, the guitar has to be plugged into the system.


The Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner comes calibrated to A440 but you can adjust it to work between A435 to A445. Aside from basses and guitars, this music gadget can also handle woodwind instruments and brass instruments. The piece of equipment practically works off the bat once you connect an electric guitar or you got your acoustic guitar strummed.

Tuning Features

The microphone inside sits on the upright side of Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner, just under the LCD screen. The condenser mic allows it to be ready for tuning at anytime. If you need to tune an electric instrument, there is a jack on the right where the plug is conveniently placed. This guitar tuner is powered by a CR2032 battery, which is included in the package.

Tuner Pricing

Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner is offered at an impressive price of $16.99. It should be uncomplicated to have this electronic guitar tuner shipped to you immediately, as many stores are currently carrying it. For that little amount you virtually tune an entire musical ensemble.

Overall Rating
Professional or amateur, a hobbyist or a serious musician, you will definitely find Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner as a great buy. Get it to enjoy it and you'll be unquestionably impressed by what it can do for your music. Tune with confidence and play with more enthusiasm. Planet Waves PWCT09 guitar tuner can surely make it all for you!

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