Planet Waves Pedal Guitar Tuner Review

For a fully reliable guitar tuning pedal alternative, this is the affordable Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner, the most versatile guitar tuner for any kind of gig. If you are searching for a quality machine that you can rely on, try to play onstage with this hard-wearing electronic guitar tuner which is here to deliver it.

Planet Waves Pedal Guitar Tuner

This useful electronic guitar tuner was designed to operate as a part of your pedal board and is surely a necessity for the guitar hero in you. The Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner goes right in front of your signal chain to ensure that you're playing in the perfect tune everytime, all the time.

Planet Waves Pedal Guitar Tuner

Stomp Box

The one pound weight of Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner makes it light enough when compared to other devices of the same type. It measures 4.5 x 2.4 x 2.1 inches, signifying that it isn't as big as you hoped but yet durable to help you through all gigs and get your act ready. It's delivered in a gray die cast box with a rounded top and square bottom design.

Tuning Screen

The round LCD of Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner is unique. An excellent electronic guitar tuner equipped with an orange backlight that is completely viewable under the sun and on dark stages. The display shows the string you tune along with the indicators if you're tuned or way off.

Multi Mode

This very good looking device employs as many as six tuning modes that allow you to tune traditionally or chromatically. This guitar tuning unit handles drop tunings easily. Lower Drop C and Drop D tunings are supported, for the delight of hard rock and heavy metal bands. Although the Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner works impeccably on many stringed instruments, it was best suited for guitar.

Tuning Technology

Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner brings very accurate tuning - at 0.1 of a cent. It operates on the Buzz Feiten Tuning System Offset to assure accuracy of pitches and incorporates True Bypass wiring so that the tuning process won't affect the original tone of the instrument. It is also loaded with ultra quiet switching.


Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner is built with a 9-volt input/output jack for the easy of daisy chaining. And while its calibration is at A440, the electronic guitar tuner can be adjusted to fit your needs perfectly. There's a footswitch to activate the guitar tuner and input jacks to plug your guitar in.


For only $79.99, be sure that the tuning abilities you got in Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner will perform as you want it. Compared to a Korg or a Boss, this one is certainly priced more reasonably. So if you were looking for the cheaper option, this guitar tuner should be an inexpensive one.

Overall Rating
It could look small but its rock solid body - being both durable and portable for all of your gigs on the road. You may step on the pedal and you won't cause this tuning stomp box any harm. And when it comes to accuracy, you definitely won't have any issues with the Planet Waves Pedal guitar tuner.

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