Planet Waves Headstock Guitar Tuner Review

Tuning through vibration is the ultimate capability of a headstock electronic guitar tuner and the powerful Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner has several reasons why it is making a good tuning job. Planet Waves does come out with an exciting guitar tuner collection that combines both tuning efficiency and value for money.

Planet Waves Headstock Guitar Tuner

If you want to have an electronic guitar tuner built-in to your own you can be sure that you play really tuned - on the exact pitch before, during, and after the piece, concert, solo...then try the Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner, this one could just be the perfect guitar tuner created for your playing needs.

Planet Waves Headstock Guitar Tuner

Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner - tiny, compact, and only weighs 1.6 ounces. It certainly won't add weight to the guitar you desire it attached to. The bulk of the device is primarily for its screen so musicians can see the pitch results at any angle without obstructions and while they are playing their respective instruments.


The whole 10 inches of this electronic guitar tuner is mostly dedicated to its large LCD tuning display. The screen's backlight turns either green or red as you play. Green if you're in tune and red if you're a little way off. It'll also show the string you're trying to tune...very useful for practicing or rehearsing while tuning on the fly.

Tuning Modes

The Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner might be attached to practically any stringed instrument and proceed to tune it as desired. Simply pluck a string and it would start tuning without the need for connections or settings. Aside from basses and electric or acoustic guitars, Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner could be used for violins as well.

Tuning Technology

Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner was calibrated at A440 Hz but it may be adjusted anywhere from A435 Hz to A445 Hz. This tuning machine works perfectly because of the Piezo transducer which is installed into it. Here's the system that picks up the vibrations generated by strumming the strings of the instrument. Because of this, anyone is able to virtually tune in a noisy environment and still play your notes in place.

Tuner Features

Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner displays a light stick that helps you indicate whether a string is low or high on your pitch. It can tell you precisely how to turn the pegs of your guitar whether to the left of to the right so you are able to correct the pitch. This particular tuning feature makes this unit quite ideal for amateur musicians.

Tuner Pricing

The Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner is offered at an incredible $23.99. This is such a reasonable price for one electronic guitar tuner, a small on size one but big on performance. This headstock guitar tuner is almost a necessity for every guitar, bass, or violin owner if they wish to play in tune all the time.

Overall Rating
The things that users would like most about this guitar tuning product is that it's easy to use, accurate, and do it fast. While the problem with the entire package would be a rather light plastic that this device was housed in, with proper care and attention, it should be painless to make Planet Waves Headstock guitar tuner your everyday companion to all of your gigs.

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