Peterson StroboFlip Guitar Tuner Review

Sweetened tunings and classic temperaments are the patent offerings of any Peterson electronic guitar tuner. Then in was created the Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner that offers not only a cool and slick design but a whole new set of useful features for the guitar itself and for different stringed instruments as well.

Peterson StroboFlip Guitar Tuner

Both classical musicians and rock band guitar players will definitely find the Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner more than what they bargained for. This electronic guitar tuner would be especially recommended for those who are always on the go and don't need for tuning an entire ensemble, just personal instruments.

Peterson StroboFlip Guitar Tuner
Unique Image

The flip top body pattern of Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner makes it look more like a game console than a guitar tuning device. It is a relatively petite tuner with dimensions no longer than 4 inches on all sides and weighs a single pound.

Visual Monitoring

The bright LCD of the Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner is conveniently protected by its flip top when not in use. It clearly shows how far off a note is from the pitch that you are tuning via its strobe display feature. While the screen itself is small, you can still be confident that your tuning is accurate.

Tuner Modes

Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner can be used for tuning almost all types of musical instruments and not merely bass, electric, or acoustic guitars. This tuning unit can handle harpsichords, violins, cellos, violas and steel guitars too. Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner can tune specifically the instrument that you're using it for because of the temperaments and the sweeteners built into it. It has some predetermined intervals that are right for your musical needs.

Virtual Strobe

Following a 0.1 cent accuracy, Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner can guarantee consistency in tune. Here is an electronic guitar tuner which is also equipped with Peterson's real-time Virtual strobe technology to assures you tuning precision. This guitar tuner boasts of a total of 34 preset temperaments and sweeteners, as well as offsets for many instruments compatible with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, including a 12-string guitar.

Price for Quality

At $199.00, Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner proves to be a handy gadget - necessary for every musically inclined individual. Take it wherever your music goes for tuning your instrument to sheer perfection. However, because of its high price, it would feel like you're paying for the device's futuristic lines rather than its abilities. But even if it can't be utilized for intense stage acts or heavy on-road performances, it surely is enough for nearly all playing engagements.

Overall Rating
Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner, an excellent buy for guitarists who require extreme tuning accuracy. Furthermore, here's one electronic guitar tuner that could be perfect for musicians who want to tune not necessarily a guitar but other stringed instruments. Peterson StroboFlip guitar tuner is most ideal to tune low notes, particularly the ones produced by a stand-up bass because this tuner works perfectly where others can't.

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