Peterson StroboClip Guitar Tuner Review

The Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner prides itself as the first clip-on tuning device to have a variety of temperaments to suit with precision all the professional musicians requirements. This guitar tuner can monitor carefully your tuning and make sure that you're on a right track throughout the gig.

Peterson StroboClip Guitar Tuner

Here's an electronic guitar tuner that can also accurately tune a wide range of string and wind instruments through the alternate temperament adjustment functionality of the Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner. As an all-in-one unit, it certainly gives you full value for your money.

Peterson StroboClip Guitar Tuner

Clip-On Tuning

Try the excellent Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner that is housed in a heavy duty metal casing. This one is not your usual hard plastic box that any cheap guitar tuner may have. Its housing makes it a true stage guitar tuning equipment. The clip, on the other hand, is lined with soft rubber pad to ensure the protection of the instrument that is being attached to the tuner.


The real-time LCD display of Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner provides for the machine's smooth operation. It is built with the SUStain Mode feature, a function that lets users to view a given note longer on the screen when they are tuning short voiced instruments. The note will be recorded and showed on the LCD screen to stay there until you utilize it again.

Tuning Modes

The Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner has the ability to tune almost all orchestral instruments - choose from string to wind whenever you want. Its multi temperament system, turns this machine into a very able companion of a solo, a band, an orchestra, and specially your guitar.


All musicians, whether amateur or professional appreciate the Sweetened Tunings of Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner. It boasts of its 1/10 cent accuracy, way better than what musicians are accustomed with when using other tuners. Aside from alternate temperaments, it includes eastern presets too. It might be used on a drop or guitar capo setting along with its adjustable key presets as well. This electronic guitar tuner has a total of twenty-five exclusive temperaments which is fondly called Peterson Sweeteners.

Tuning Features

In addition, Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner operates on low power consumption while ensuring players that it'll work overtime through its power off, auto sleep, and battery saving modes. It's the smallest multiple temperament tuner to ever hit the market ever that comes with the patented virtual strobe technology.

Tuner Price

Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner costs as low as $69.99, with most of the stores on and offline carrying it ready to ship. Its robust attributes are jam-packed in its solid body, making it an extremely portable electronic guitar tuner yet durable for out-of-town gigs and stage acts.

Overall Rating
All professional musicians working in an orchestra would find Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner to be the ideal tuning machine for all their needs...tuning a guitar, a banjo, or a flute. This electronic guitar tuner is indeed handy for a big band. The Clip-On allows for simple tuning, especially if you are going to use the exceptional Peterson StroboClip guitar tuner dedicatedly for a guitar or for all of the instruments included in the orchestra.

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