Peterson StompBox Guitar Tuner Review

The advanced and innovative Peterson StompBox guitar tuner is one of a kind box because of a single but unusual special feature - it conveniently meshes a strobe tuner and a pedal guitar tuner to play onstage...all this in one neat package. Authentic rockers won't be able to resist the pull of it.

Peterson StompBox Guitar Tuner

The brilliant characteristics of this electronic guitar tuner will certainly win any musically inclined individual away, starting with its accuracy of 0.1 cent which is an extremely high standard. Let's see some of the Peterson StompBox guitar tuner highlights found while playing the guitar with the pedal in the real world.

Peterson StompBox Guitar Tuner

Stomp Box

The case of the Peterson StompBox guitar tuner is simply indestructible. It is built to withstand the pressures and the roughness of the outdoors like a military tank. The same might be said about its cables, as it has a cable guard built-in this guitar tuner to make sure that it's truly worthy of the road tours you are scheduled for ahead.

Tuning Modes

There is nothing but praises for this guitar tuning device because it can tune nearly any type of instruments. From your regular guitar whether six or seven strings - to electric violins, Peterson StompBox guitar tuner would work for you best. Here's an electronic guitar tuner for being used for the mandolin family of instruments too.

Clear Display

The LCD display of Peterson StompBox guitar tuner undeniably is bright and clear. Indoors or outdoors, this guitar box would never let you down. Use it on extreme lighting conditions or in a dim room and its performance would remain unparalleled. It does help that the display is large enough for users to easily gauge whether they're flat, sharp, or in tune.

Tuning Technology

Many great things may be written about Peterson StompBox guitar tuner let's start with its True Bypass Circuitry technology. With it, you tune your instruments accurately without worrying about circuit vibrations as a result of plugging cables and using power for the unit. The Strobotuner is equipped with Peterson patented Sweetened Tunings, the feature that allows this electronic guitar tuner to perform across almost all instruments played in an orchestra.


Aside from Sweetened Tuning presets, Peterson StompBox guitar tuner also has the Buzz Feiten Tuning system support. You can program it from your computer via a USB connection. Drop Tuning and Capo Tuning are supported. But the thing that makes this electronic guitar tuner different from all the rest is its professional, mutable, and onboard active DI that come complete with three-stage attenuation.

Pro Tuning Price

All of these impressive features are delivered at a high price tag. But at $189 from several stores, Peterson StompBox guitar tuner still is terrific choice for professional guitar players who want precision, accuracy, and dependability from their guitar tuner. After all, a strobe tuner / guitar pedal tuner combination is a two-in-one device that would practically do the job with all of your tuning needs in one go.

Overall Rating
Peterson StompBox guitar tuner is indeed a must-have for all heavy metal bands to play alive. Performance wise, this guitar tuning machine made by Peterson is all you need to stay right in tune and level up your performances big time. Considered as a unique piece, Peterson StompBox guitar tuner would be a necessity that rock stars should perform only with it.

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