Korg PitchBlack Guitar Tuner Review

Korg is one of the foremost names in the world of guitar tuner brands. And the amazing Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner continued the tradition of delivering high precision accuracy and functionality to its product line. This electronic guitar tuner certainly sets a new standard in pedal board tuning.

Korg PitchBlack Guitar Tuner

When it comes to tuning performance for the working musician, nothing beats Korg. Looking through the simple but extremely powerful Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner, here is what we've found while testing this tuning device with a guitar:

Korg PitchBlack Guitar Tuner

Stomp Box

This guitar tuner is a stomp box with a heavy-duty case. Being a guitar pedal tuner that was designed to withstand the pressures of stage performances. It is simply indestructible yet shaped smoothly. Its body is made of solid cast aluminum all set in a black satin finish. Comparing it with the Korg DT10, the innovative Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner is almost half the size and also way lighter.

Tuning Display

The one in the Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner will impress you. It has not one but four modes that users can choose from. Now that's something great for an improvement, isn't it? You can switch from the more popular Meter Display Mode to Full Strobe, Half Strobe, or Mirror Modes easily. Each of them capitalizes on the Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner LED system that perfectly performs in whatever lighting condition. The meters of this electronic guitar tuner are big and bright. It'll show you all discrepancies in your pitches loud and clear.


The thing that makes Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner accepted among professionals is its True Bypass capability. This feature ensures that all your guitar tones are intact even when you are not tunning. With its silent tuning ability, you won't have to worry about circuits affecting the output of the device.

The true bypass assures you that your pitch is always on the dot by muting the input signal as you tune.

Tuning Mode

Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner is for tuning any bass or guitar with no trouble. It follows a tuning range of E0 to C8, which is between 20.60 Hertz to 4186 Hertz.

Tuning Features

The design of Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner work fine with whatever guitar pedal board you're using. Snake out the DC jack of the unit to provide power to your other pedals or just let it perform in series with the other effect boxes. An electronic guitar tuner that can supply as much as 200mA to other effects on the floor.

Tuner Price

Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner doesn't come cheap yet it isn't expensive either. One thing's sure - it's definitely worth your every penny. It costs around $89 with initial warranty. Add a few dollars and you may extend that for a couple of years. This electronic guitar tuner works on a 9V battery although an AC adaptor is included for daisy chaining. It would run on one zinc-carbon battery incorporated in the package too, for 5 solid hours.

Overall Rating
When everyone else thought that its predecessor, the DT10 is the perfect pedal tuner for guitar, it was introduced this tuning device. And it mercilessly put the DT10 into shame. Compare it with a Korg PitchBlack guitar tuner. You'll see the imperfections of the former that you never considered was there in the first place.

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