Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner Review

The use of both guitar tuner and bass tuner has never been easier since the introduction of the Korg GA1 guitar tuner...here is one portable, useful and versatile tuning device. It assures A-1 tuning precision. This electronic guitar tuner is great for professionals and amateurs alike. Bring it anywhere your gigs take you.

Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner

This electronic guitar tuner is the most straight-to-the-point Korg tuner that ever hit the market. The slim and sleek design of Korg GA1 guitar tuner makes every one play like a pro even those who are tuning a guitar for the first time. You'll be amazed as to how all of these fantastic aspects can exist in such a small price.

Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner Body

The ultra-compact Korg GA1 guitar tuner could be an ideal partner of your instrument. It is highly portable although it might not fit your pocket. Its all-black design adds to its sharp, professional look. The tuner also comes with a provision for a stand. Just insert a plastic card and upright it'll be...what they call the Tilt-Slit design.


Korg GA1 guitar tuner proudly has its LCD display screen that will accurate tell you if you're in tune or not. But although it already uses LCD, it still follows the needle-style system indicating the sharpness or flatness of the pitch. The LCD shows a high visibility meter complemented by LED lights to indicate the deviation of the pitch.

Tuning Modes

The Korg GA1 guitar tuner has two modes: Guitar and Bass. The Guitar tuning Mode supports all regular guitars, including the 7-string guitars used by metal players or virtuoso performers. On Bass Mode you are able to tune bass guitars that have four, five, or six strings.

Tuning Technology

Korg GA1 is an electronic guitar tuner programmed with the Quinta Flat Tuning Mode that allows users to tune down from one up to 5 semitones flat. This is perfect for all the pros tending to deviate from the usual tuning methods and tone their guitar specifically for the type of music that they play.


The added attributes of Korg GA1 guitar tuner include the Sound Out function using its internal speaker. The speaker produces a reference tone so you can tune your guitar roughly by the ear. The unit has an auto-power off ability that turns itself off if not used for 20 minutes. This feature conserves battery, although generally, Korg GA1 guitar tuner is a low-powered one. It can work for 100 hours with zinc-carbon batteries.

Tuner Price

Korg GA1 guitar tuner retails for as low as $12.99, a little amount to pay to produce quality professional music. But don't let that price fool you and regard the GA-1 as a mere amateur's electronic guitar tuner. It definitely isn't because it guarantees high precision accuracy to all of your bass or guitar tuning requirements.

Overall Rating
The Korg GA1 guitar tuner should be the right accompaniment of your axe indeed, with all of its superb tuning characteristics offered at a very reasonable price. Korg GA1 guitar tuner works perfectly for all guitar types through its automatic pitch detecting capability.

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