Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner Review

How would you like to monitor your guitar strings pitch just while you play? With the innovative design of the fantastic Korg AW2G guitar tuner, that is more than possible. It provides precision and accuracy, which is what actually matters. Now, you can forget all about your good old tuning fork and clip this on instead.

Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner

With this electronic guitar tuner, you have the ability of tuning your instrument before and during your playing. The Korg AW2G guitar tuner makes possible to monitor the strings pitches of the guitar throughout the whole gig. At last, your regular guitar tuning looks professional and becomes more advanced.

Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner

Tuner Body

Flexible the best word to describe Korg AW2G guitar tuner. The clips included would fit almost any guitar, even the custom-made ones. This electronic guitar tuner was equipped with a double ball joint so the screen can be positioned at any angle for easy viewing. Choose from black or white sturdy case.


The Korg AW2G guitar tuner brings an LCD display that shows the pitch meter. The device is equipped by internal backlight that gives exceptional visibility even at rather dim surroundings. Its bright and large LCD will clearly show if you're flat, sharp, or right in tune. In addition, this guitar tuner includes a Meter Reverse function that lets users to view the output in a vertical position, where the upward action on the LCD means high pitch.

Tuning Modes

Korg AW2G guitar tuner can tune both string and wind instruments with full ease. It's indeed the only electronic guitar tuner that you need to get your music always in tune. Attach it cable-free to any orchestral instrument that are needed to be tuned and that's all. The tuning package comes loaded with several clips to accommodate numerous instruments although it is highly optimized for guitars.

Tuning Technology

The electronic guitar tuner has both an internal microphone and a piezo sensor to achieve optimum response and pitch output. It tunes from A0 to C8, a proof that possesses a broad tuning range. The piezo pickup of Korg AW2G guitar tuner senses the vibrations of the stringed or other instruments, thereby eliminating that noise created by the environment.


The solid characteristics of Korg AW2G guitar tuner include its adjustable calibration system that allows tuning within different pitch ranges. It also has an automatic power saving mode, a feature that puts the unit on a soft backlight when not in use for several minutes. If left alone much longer, it would shut down on its own. Korg AW2G guitar tuner has a memory backup function to store your recorded pitches.

Tuner Price

Korg AW2G guitar tuner, certainly one of the most excellent buys of any professional or amateur musician. This guitar tuning machine retails for as low as $29.99 yet it can give you a plethora of outstanding attributes.

Overall Rating
The light and portable manufacturing of this tuner is the perfect match for guitar or other instruments. The Korg AW2G guitar tuner is able to easily tune a 12-string guitar at a time for your convenience. Tuning without being affected by the noise of the surroundings is really what makes this guitar tuner rock.

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