Intellitouch PT30 Guitar Tuner Review

The Intellitouch tuner line is part of the first contact tuner wave that ever hit the market. These devices like the Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner have a very light weight and can fit in reduced spaces...with this electronic guitar tuner you got no more excuses for not playing on a perfectly tuned guitar.

Intellitouch PT30 Guitar Tuner

This manufacturer has released several models since their introduction, and the Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner could be one of the products that is most raved about. As one contact guitar tuner, this detects vibrations upon contact or when clipped on to the instrument you are tuning.

Intellitouch PT30 Guitar Tuner

Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner is a small device that would fit in the palm of your hand. Put it in your breast pocket and take it anywhere you play. You may also attach this kind of electronic guitar tuner to your good old guitar at all times so will be ready for tuning whenever you want it.

Tuner Display

Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner has a nice and bright LCD screen that shows the signal output clearly. It comes in different backlight colors so you can pick the one that's right for you. Choose from bright white, blue, and red hues. This feature is ideal to all color blind musicians who can't use the blue or green shades. The LCD meter display counts with eight arrows, a big improvement from the usual six arrows that others have.

Tuning Modes

As a contact tuning unit, Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner can accurately tune any guitar or bass. Additionally it can be used for tuning other instruments such as mandolins, banjos, and others. Tune any of your instruments and prepare to be awed.

Tuning Features

The characteristics that users would like best about Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner are its genius backlight shade selector, its eight arrow display, and its notable clamp design.

The clamps are cushioned, so it won't scratch the headstock of your guitar at all. Plus, the clip is attached to this device itself via a dual ball and socket arm. This allows the clamp and the device to perform independently of each other. Another superb thing about Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner is that it is sold with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.


The calibration of Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner follows the 430 Hertz to 450 Hertz range. The electronic guitar tuner do its job with precision through its high technology piezoelectric sensor that analyzes the vibrations made by plucking the guitar strings. Intellitouch PT30 provides better confidence to a musician as he's tuning and strumming his favorite song.

Tuner Price

Retailing for only $31.80, Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner is indeed a great buy. The majority of online stores are shipping it for free. Here's an electronic guitar tuner that is the perfect companion for your guitar with its sleek and tiny frame...tuning while playing and play while tuning.

Overall Rating
Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner is an impressive contact tuner. If what you need is one dedicated tuning machine to attach it permanently to your guitar, then this is it. It works with guitar or bass even your other stringed instruments might be tuned by the smart and precise Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner. Now, there isn't a way you'll go out of tune ever again.

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