Intellitouch PT10XL Guitar Tuner Review

For those who are looking for a small and compact but a highly reliable electronic guitar tuner, the uncomplicated to operate Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner could just be the perfect candidate for any guitar rig...specially recommended to musicians with a tight budget to invest on a good guitar tuning unit.

Intellitouch PT10XL Guitar Tuner

The inspiring Intellitouch PT10XL is an extremely affordable electronic guitar tuner that has it all when it comes to guitar tuning capabilities, not to mention that it possesses an easy-to-use and exceptionally visible interface. The Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner will reveal the musician in you in a natural way.

Intellitouch PT10XL Guitar Tuner
Light Body

The ultra portable Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner is small, thin and sleek. But has got one large face with three buttons, all integrated there to aid in the proper tuning of nearly all types of instruments. Weighing a mere 4.8 ounces, this compact and portable machine would easily fit your pocket and is ready to go wherever your music takes you.

Large Screen

Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner boasts of a large LCD display screen that would unmistakably show you if the strings are in tune. The huge one was equipped with a multicolor backlight that facilitates viewing whatever lighting conditions you might have. It turns red if a string is out of tune and goes green if it is perfectly right on.

Tuning Options

The little Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner can tune a whole range of musical instruments despite being a seemingly basic tuner. In its small frame lies a complete tuning system that can deal with an entire orchestra. Aside from its chromatic tuning abilities, this is also able to do a Drop D, DADGAD, and Open G tuning, as well as other popular variations.

Tuning Technology

The characteristics that guitar players would like mainly about Intellitouch PT30 guitar tuner are its genius backlight shade selector, its eight arrow display, and its notable clamp design.

The remarkably useful Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner can be calibrated between 430 Hz and 450 Hz. It's very effortless to monitor with the graphics both clear and unmistakable. This electronic guitar tuner can handle woodwind instruments and horns as well as it may be used for tuning guitars and basses.


The Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner is loaded with the basic attributes that you would expect from a guitar tuner such the usual one-fourth inch guitar plug input. And while it doesn't have a microphone built-in for automatic tuning, it does have one jack where you can connect one and proceed with that task. It has the standard Intellitouch arrow buttons for simple switching between modes.

Tuner Price

At $19.95, this tuner is quite hard to resist. Compared to all the other tuners offered at the same price range, this one is the best among the rest. The inexpensive Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner is not your regular basic guitar tuner as it can tune almost any instrument. And it won't matter if you're a professional, an amateur, or a hobbyist musician. It completely works according to your needs without having to worry about an expensive high price tag.

Overall Rating
If you are one struggling musician who don't have too much to spend on an electronic guitar tuner but need an exceptional performance one, then you have exactly what you search for in the Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner. The most important feature of this guitar device must be its exclusive lifetime warranty. Once it gets broken, simply return it to OnBoard and they'll replace your Intellitouch PT10XL guitar tuner with no questions asked.

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