Intellitouch PT10 Guitar Tuner Review

The most notable characteristic of the Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner is its extremely small frame. This is a tiny clip-on guitar tuning device created by Intellitouch that would fit your pocket. This guitar tuner would be indeed the perfect match to any old guitar, bass or other musical gear.

Intellitouch PT10 Guitar Tuner

Finally, we can find a guitar tuning machine to be carried around without the extra weight. But don't be fooled by Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner super compact size. This smart electronic guitar tuner definitely has lots of advantages to show you - its accuracy can't be underestimated at all.

Intellitouch PT10 Guitar Tuner

Tuning Body

Despite that it is small, the Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner has one fairly large display for that size. The whole tuning unit weighs a mere 1.6 ounces and is less than 7 inches in length. The tuner clip can be swiveled so you're able to view the output of your guitar from any possible angle.

LCD Display

The LCD of Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner is large and bright. It should be easy to read the tuning meter clearly in any lighting condition. The backlight of the electronic guitar tuner isn't built just for flooding light to the screen it indicates whether is tuning or not. When the backlight turns red, it means: tune a guitar string again. When it turns green then you are good.

Tuning Mode

Despite its size, Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner can tune bases and guitars, both electric and can actually be used for banjos, violins, and mandolins. Here's an electronic guitar tuner which can work without being affected by the outside noise. It mostly takes into account the vibrations of the guitar strings instead of the sounds they make.


This small and lightweight electronic guitar tuner got all the attributes you wish into its tiny packaging. With its LCD almost as big as the unit itself, you can easily spot whether the meter needle is right at the center. But the best about Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner is that it has a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. The product is backed up with full support, which assures you that they're confident about the durability and performance.

Tuning Technology

The tuning calibration of Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner goes from 430 Hertz to 450 Hertz and is equipped with exceptionally uncomplicated controls that would please both professionals and amateurs alike. Tuning any instrument with this machine is simple, quick and trouble-free. It works straight-to-the point and is especially precise.

Tuner Price

The Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner sells at a incredibly reasonable price of $29.95. It would certainly fit every guitarist budget, in particular those who value precision and accuracy when it comes to tuners. This Intellitouch device is available online, with the majority of the stores ready to ship the next day.

Overall Rating
With the clip-on feature of Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner, you have no need to tune it on your knee, or on a music stand if you're utilizing a box-type tuner. This one allows you to tune anywhere while practicing, rehearsing or even on stage if you must. Since it's small, Intellitouch PT10 guitar tuner would never get in the way of your playing.

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