Fender PT100 Guitar Tuner Review

Who else would make a top guitar tuner but the guitar maker itself? That would have been what's playing in the mind of Fender when they created the fantastic and useful Fender PT100 guitar tuner. An easy-to-operate and accurate tuning unit...which is relatively cheap considering what it actually delivers.

Fender PT100 Guitar Tuner

The pioneer manufacturer and innovators from North America has successfully set a standard in the guitar world for decades and now they are doing the same with the production of affordable electronic tuners oriented for the masses. Nothing about the Fender PT100 guitar tuner could be considered ordinary.

Fender PT100 Guitar Tuner

Tuner Body

While everybody in the business is busy making a box, Fender created this Fender PT100 guitar tuner in a sleek and stylish rounded edge design. Here's one electronic guitar tuner housed inside a heavy duty die-cast metal casing, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of road shows and the requirements of stage performances.

LED Display

Fender PT100 guitar tuner uses a LED easy-to-read display for uncomplicated guitar tuning. But instead of red LEDs, blue ones are placed in this stomp box, giving it a modern touch. This guitar tuner works great indoors or outdoors, as all LED lights are large and bright enough. It is equipped complete with note and accuracy indicators for tuning easily.

Tuner Modes

Fender PT100 guitar tuner can be used on guitars and basses, regardless if it's Fender or not. Two outputs and one input jacks are present in this electronic guitar tuner, this would allow you tuning instruments whenever you need to do it. The seamless tuning operation of this machine is its most salient point.


The Fender PT100 guitar tuner dual output system allows users tuning a guitar in a couple of ways - with the signal sent constantly or muted – just step on the pedal. Choose whether you prefer silent tuning or loudly - like the rock star that you wanted to be.


An electronic guitar tuner powered by a 9 volt battery with the right footprint. An adapter can also be employed to supply power to it although like the batteries, that is not included in the package. Fender PT100 guitar tuner is the merging of the PT10 and the ST1. That means users can truly enjoy the best of both worlds with this tuning device.

Tuning Price

This guitar tuning machine was priced in the mid-range, with a price that fluctuates around $44.95. A limited warranty clause comes with your purchase but if you extend it for a few more dollars, your device will be covered for up to three years. If you've already got a Fender guitar, it only follows that you buy this one to match it.

Overall Rating
Guitar players who wish to tune their instruments effortless would find Fender PT100 guitar tuner a good buy, this is a great one - even for kids learning to play guitar. However, notice that it may not have all top-up features that you're looking for in a professional tuner. If you want the sparks and the fireworks, you won't obtain them here. Fender PT100 guitar tuner is a basic electronic guitar tuner that amateurs and hobbyists would prefer. But don't get it wrong– the performance and accuracy of a Fender PT100 is comparable to the so-called better featured devices. Fender PT100 guitar tuner delivers where it really matters.

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