Fender AG6 Guitar Tuner Review

This electronic guitar tuner would be an inexpensive, versatile, useful and highly accurate one these and other similar things are what properly describe the Fender AG6 guitar tuner. This is an amazing guitar tuning machine which has everything that any beginner should try to obtain to stay in tune effortlessly.

Fender AG6 Guitar Tuner

If you want value for your money, the Fender AG6, is definitely a guitar tuner that is perfect for you. Small, with less weight and very practical, you will unquestionably play and create beautiful music with such a great electronic guitar tuner...anytime, anywhere thanks to its tiny size and portability.

Fender AG6 Guitar Tuner
Body Colors

Fender AG6 guitar tuner is manufactured in different colors, which is the key aspect that makes it exciting. Get the red, blue, or black versions. Choose the one that perfectly suits your guitar and your taste. This Fender guitar tuner weighs merely 4.8 ounces with dimensions of 1.5 x 7 x 6 inches. It would fit your pocket without difficulty so you're able to bring it everywhere you like.

Good Visibility

The clear and crisp meter display of the Fender AG6 guitar tuner tells you exactly whether a string is in tune or not. On the face of the device there are six LED lights that indicate which string you're trying to play. This analog tuner was equipped with a cool backlight so you can tune your guitar even in the darkest enviroments.

Tuning Modes

Fender AG6 guitar tuner primarily is used for guitars...particularly the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar types. The unit also operates on automatic tuning mode, which allows it to determine what string you're plucking and tune it accordingly. It isn't necessary to push buttons or calibrate settings. Its automatic tuning feature is achieved by an accurate note-detecting ability.

Tuning Technology

The simple structure and basic characteristics of Fender AG6 guitar tuner are one of the main selling points. It doesn't include a metronome but it can fairly work well as a dedicated tuner for all its worth. Because of the absence of what Fender calls enhanced elements, here's an electronic guitar tuner which can tune any standard guitar in an amazingly fast manner.


Aside from the six lights, the meter, and its automatic tuning capabilities, Fender AG6 guitar tuner has a built-in microphone and energy checking to complete the ensemble. Input and output jacks are included herein as well, so you might easily plug in your instrument in case automatic tuning with the microphone is not possible - often at noisy places. Fender AG6 guitar tuner arrives powered by a 9 volt battery system.

Tuner Price

For only $19.99, it is easy to see that the useful Fender AG6 tuner remains light on the budget yet big in guitar tuning performance. It may not be a fully professional guitar tuner, but it certainly gets the job done where it matters. Affordability, style, and tuning accuracy are the most salient advantages of Fender AG6 guitar tuner, making it a best buy in its own right.

Overall Rating
If you are looking for a basic electronic guitar tuner that does not pose as any other one, then the Fender AG6 guitar tuner is all you desire. For its cheap price, you're actually getting much more than what you're paying for. Indeed, Fender AG6 guitar tuner is everything that you need when it comes to real deal guitar tuning for every hobbyist requirements.

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