Boss TU3 Guitar Tuner Review

When it comes to audio quality, Boss is indeed on the foreground. And you can definitely say as much with the Boss TU3 guitar tuner which actually is an electronic guitar tuner built into a pedal to be used as part of your pedalboard. Boss TU3 guitar tuner can virtually run and give results once it's powered.

Boss TU3 Guitar Tuner

This guitar tuning machine was especially designed for performing while having fun on stage. So if you're a professional guitar player, this pedal guitar tuner is certainly for you. It'll never let you down as far as delivering unparalleled tuning performance. The Boss TU3 guitar tuner was entirely made for the musician in you.

Boss TU3 Guitar Tuner

Tuning Box

The first thing you'll notice about Boss TU3 guitar tuner is that it was housed in one tough body casing. You are able to operate it anywhere and there's no need to be worried. Because the tuner is housed in a guitar stomp box, you may practically step on it and it still performs dedicatedly for its purpose.


Another notable selling point of the Boss TU3 guitar tuner is its improved precision. The earliest few generations of Boss TU3 tuning unit work along the plus-minus 3% accuracy line. But Boss TU3 new generation does it better it has an impressive accuracy of plus-minus 1%. Now that could truly help you come close to the tone that you wish your guitar to have.

Tuner Modes

This is one electronic guitar tuner which delivers a couple of useful tuning modes, the guitar or bass mode tuner and the chromatic tuning mode. With its two-in-one feature, you simply play with one of these to tune any guitar of different types to make your alive act proceed like a charm. It is unnecessary to buy several ones - just plug in your instrument in and let Boss TU3 guitar tuner do it perfectly.


Boss TU3 guitar tuner, utilizes a patented Note Name indicator that displays the notes of the regular 7-string guitar and six-string bass. If you play through the electronic guitar tuner under the Flat Tuning mode, it can support up to 6 half-steps. This means that you might drop your tunings up to 6 semitones below the standard pitch as conveniently as you desire.

LED Metering

The only downside of Boss TU3 guitar tuner would be the absence of an LCD display. It uses a somewhat analog meter, which they call the Accu Pitch Sign Function. So instead of installing a nice LCD, this electronic guitar tuner sticks to the LED technology to provide tuning. Boss TU3 is equipped with a high brightness LED meter that can cut through the most inconsiderate outdoor glare. It also operates on the dark backstage. With the visible LED, one can quickly see if the note that is being tuned is already in harmony or not. You don't have to wait for the LCD to start up either.

Tuner Price

Boss TU3 guitar tuner is one of the best buys in the world of the electronic guitar tuning.

Overall Rating
Professional music makers will be impressed by its features, accuracy, and performance. Beginner guitar players, on the other hand, would like the easy-to-use-and-understand setup of this tuning device. If you want to get what really matters, Boss TU3 guitar tuner brings it all...and is offered at a reasonable price.

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