Boss TU12EX Guitar Tuner Review

The Boss TU12EX guitar tuner is a chromatic tuner that is the awaited improvement of the great Boss TU12. If you remember, this was the very first automatic guitar tuner to ever hit the market. And for 25 years, it has ruled the guitar tuning scene worldwide. Carry it one around and you'll never be out of tune again.

Boss TU12EX Guitar Tuner

Many things have changed since the release of the original legendary Boss TU12 many years ago...and the introduction of the sparkling Boss TU12EX guitar tuner, with its extra features, is real proof of that. The following review will show you why.

Boss TU12EX Guitar Tuner

Tuner Body

This electronic guitar tuner comes housed in a sturdy, well-designed horizontal box with an orange-faced dial, black case, and gray accents. Boss TU12EX guitar tuner is relatively thinner than its predecessor - at the same time it's unquestionably more portable and durable.

VU Display

Boss TU12EX guitar tuner still doesn't have an LCD screen which might be a downside for some. However, what it lacks in the viewing area it compensates through its patented VU-type needle. This tells you if you're tuned, a little bit sharp, or way too flat. You can easily gauge your pitch by just looking at the dial.

Tuning Modes

Boss TU12EX guitar tuner follows two modes, the regular guitar tuning and the chromatic tuning modes. This last mode could be the most popular one. With the TU12EX guitar tuning mode, you simply select the string number on the device and play its corresponding string to tune it up. What's good about the chromatic tuning mode is that it does not stick with the ordinary one. Here is an electronic guitar tuner that can be used for the low B strings of a five-string bass or a seven-string guitar. Boss TU12EX guitar tuner would be one string more than the usual for you.


The reign of the TU12 didn't end after a long time for nothing. This successor has every feature the former king possesses, and a few others. For one, Boss TU12EX guitar tuner equipped with chromatic tuning. This device has a microphone built-in to it so you only have to play the strings and the tuner works right without connections. This new device functions inside the 8 1/2 octaves range. It can practically tune any instrument.

Guitar Tuner Features

There are added characteristics in this electronic guitar tuner that the other tuners before it do not posses. The Boss TU12EX guitar tuner has one speaker that sounds off once you're in tune. They call it the Accu-Pitch, a cool attribute that allows you to tune your guitar by ear, so to speak. You don't need to check the dials. But that isn't all this speaker can perform. It also plays reference pitches for easy rough tuning of any guitar.

Tuning Price

Boss TU12EX guitar tuner arrives ready to replace your old and useful Boss TU12 and at a very competitive price for such a great machine. You may now retire your loyal TU12 in peace while enjoying the better performance of Boss TU12EX guitar tuner.

Overall Rating
Boss definitely knows how to create a product that can impress. With all the reliable TU12 attributes passed on to the TU12EX electronic guitar tuner, the victory torch shines even brighter than before. Boss TU12EX guitar tuner is highly recommended to all professional musicians who require tuning precision and accuracy at all times.

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