Boss Stage Guitar Tuner Review

If you consider yourself a rock star more than a classical guitar player...a traveling musician instead of a session guitarist...then the Boss Stage guitar tuner would prove to be the perfect one for you. This robust electronic guitar tuner gives you clean and accurate tuning even under adverse playing conditions.

Boss Stage Guitar Tuner

Professional acts would surely have heard about the Boss TU series of guitar tuners. And this cool Boss Stage guitar tuner is one highly regarded leader of the whole pack. Also known as the TU1000, this big, bulky, and domineering electronic guitar tuner unmistakably is the main one of the entire Boss tuning ensemble.

Boss Stage Guitar Tuner
Bigger Body

You won't mistake with Boss Stage guitar tuner for anything else but what it really is because it is bold enough to capture your attention. Unlike the regular guitar tuners that these guys manufacture, that are mostly small and compact, here's a tuning unit which challenges them all with its unquestionably larger size. With dimensions of about 16x6x2 inches and a weight of about two kilograms, you know that the tuner was truly made for the grandest stage guitar acts.

Large Monitoring

One can describe the bright orange LCD of Boss Stage guitar tuner as massive. All 16 inches length on the top of its face is dedicated to the tuning display. Here is a machine that comes programmed with a couple of operational modes, one of which has lights panning to the left or the right to indicate flatness or sharpness of the tone. The other mode, the strobe mode, is great for tuning in the dark.

Tuning Modes

What's impressive about Boss Stage guitar tuner is its multiple modes of operation. It has the usual chromatic mode, wherein you simply strike a note and see on the display if it sounds sharp or flat. It's possible to play by string number if you wish too. Boss Stage guitar tuner can tune using the standard pitches in the majority of guitar types. Plus it can do a Drop D, open tunings, and the modal DADGAD.


The most notable thing about Boss Stage guitar tuner could be its foot switch compatibility. This allows the device to be turned on and off remotely. This feature makes this electronic guitar tuner extremely compatible with a pedal board, as well as with a full studio setup.


The Boss Stage guitar tuner was designed for being big, strong, and capable to power up other pedal devices and stomp boxes. It hosts several input and output jacks to make guitar tuning easier, faster, and accurate as well.

Tuner Price

At $195.00, this electronic guitar tuner is clearly not for the amateur. Boss Stage guitar tuner was built especially for the professional rock bands that work on achieving accurate tuning on the stage floor anytime, all the time.

Overall Rating
If you are looking for a guitar tuning brand that you can trust, Boss is indeed your best choice. Now if you want a fully precise guitar tuner that can live up to your expectations when it comes to road worthiness, therefore Boss Stage guitar tuner becomes a fantastic tuner for you.

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